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Time Flies
5:20 p.m. - 2004-03-03

I had plenty of time this morning and was thinking that I would get to work early, but somehow the time evaporated and I was rushing around as usual. I ended up with wet spikey hair and only four minutes to fix it in, so I dried and brushed and was successful in achieving a somewhat normal look (I am satisfied if people do not point and laugh). It degraded during the day, though, and now is fuzzy and bowl shaped. On the positive side, I DO remember that it is Wednesday unlike last week, so should get to Jason's in plenty of time.

I just made an aggravating call to Kaiser trying to get an appointment. They make you feel that you are a great inconvenience to them, and that just ticks me off. I left a message and got a call back on the voicemail that was a total brushoff, so I called them back and acted mondo annoyed, so now I have an appointment next week. You have to push those putzes around, and I know how to do it, I tell you what!

Our company division dinner is next week. Last year we had to do a lame musical number, which I would just as soon forget, but this year the theme is Mardi Gras. Today the map table out in the plant was covered with craft supplies to make masks, so I made a purple one with feathers across the top, and jewels over the eye holes. It is nice sometimes to come in earlier that anyone else, because you can use all the jewels before anyone else has a chance. Then, in a burst of evil genius, the Big Lady Boss decided that we should spell out our department name in letters that stick up from the masks, each of us with a different letter. This should guarantee that we look as stupid as possible, so I made a letter out of an old file folder, coated it with glue and jewels and glitter, and am waiting until tomorrow to see if it dries stiff enough to stick onto the mask. Sometimes I wonder if the free dinner is worth it. Oh yeah, attendance is mandatory.

I missed the American Idol on Monday!! I wanted to see William Hung again, but maybe tonight Joel and Jane will tell me all about it.

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