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Big Bird Burger
12:20 p.m. - 2004-03-06

Last night we went to Fuddruckers, and I had my first Ostrich burger. This struck me as some kind of cosmic revenge for the time that ostrich chased me one morning, and I enjoyed it. Couldn't eat the whole thing, though, so gave him the rest, but he had to 'sanitize' it by removing all traces of tomato, so ended up just eating the meat.

I was looking at one of my old knitting books this morning, this one from 1948. Some of the articles of clothing are very interesting, but the one that struck my fancy was a sweater for sick people to wear in bed, and hospital bed socks. This was different from the usual feminine bedjackets these old books usually have. I wonder why hospital bed socks need to be any different from regular bed socks? The sick person pullover had long sleeves, round neck, off-center Russian-type placket neck opening, and the interesting part, the back ended about 3 inches past the armholes, though the front was regular length. I have never seen such a practical design. Isn't is annoying when you are reclining in bed and your garment hitches down in the back, choking you? The old-book sweater was designed so that this would not happen. Maybe hospitals were cold in those days.

I finished my mask for the division Mardi Gras dinner next week. It was interesting seeing the masks other people made. My boss Sue made one with a two foot tall eagle sticking up out of the top of it, on which she glued black and brown feathers. Our company logo is an eagle. Sue's mask looks totally cool, if the weight of it does not tip her over backward. Of course, that would be funny too. Bernadette made an elegant asymmetrical one with the feathers stuck on the side, covered by a glittery jeweled flower she made from red felt. And of course, think of all the lovely work time we got to waste on this!

This afternoon, when he comes back from the office (it is tax season), he is going to pick up another cheapy bookshelf from OfficeMax, and we are going to put it up in the girl's room where their hamper is now. Sorry girls, but we are desperate. Then we will remove all the extra cookbooks etc from the living room shelving units and neaten up the place. After that, I should really measure the couches and order some slipcovers, since the couches are a bit.... well, nevermind. So our efforts to spiff up are coming along. We are using the visit of my old friend from college in April as our deadline, even though she may not even come into the house that much at all, since we are going out to dinner.

Jellie signed me up as a sponsor for her spelling contest at school. The different grades have different lists of words, and the sponsor puts down a monetary amount for each word the kid gets right. There are 50 words, and I pledged 25 cents each. I am such a big spender. But she just had another fundraiser and I bought some stuff from that too. Jellie is very smart so I will probably end up owing the whole $12.50.

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