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Blue Skies
5:37 p.m. - 2004-03-14

During church I keep a surreptitious look at his watch to see how far off schedule El Pastor will be, and today 11:00 came and he hadn't even started talking! He had a few brief comments, then said let us pray, usually the sign of impending departure, but after the first euphoria, I realized it was a bait and switch, and he started up again after the prayer and talked for almost another half hour. I do believe that was cruel. There was a family attending for the first time sitting behind us, and after the closing prayer they lit out like bats out of hell, so my spouse offers his opinion that they will not be back. The mom from the Down-East-looking family sang a solo, totally excellent, and I found out her name is also Cindy.

Certain recent events remind me of a complaint I have about wishy washy people. I wish people would just quit wasting my time and would come out and ask directly for what they want, and stop making me play guessing games. Example: "What time do you get up on Saturday morning?" which leads to pointless conversation about when we get up, then "We are going to the airport on Saturday the such and such" leading to more pointless conversation until we find out they want a ride to the airport. Spare me. It would be so much easier if someone would just say, "I need a ride to the airport at 6 am on such and such a date. Can you take me?" The girls used to do this to me a lot when they were little. They would whine, "I'm hungry!" and I would say, go eat an apple or piece of cheese or whatnot. They would say, "Noooo...." and this would continue on and on with them rejecting every suggestion I made until I wised up. They really wanted a piece of chocolate cake but wouldn't come out and ask for it (maybe because they knew I would say no). Used to drive me crazy.

After church we went to Walnut Creek for a little shopping, then home. I went out again to try and find some DP size 10 needles, but had no luck, so am using two circulars on the sleeve of the cornmeal sweater. Right after I got back from buying nothing, Joel called and asked if I would watch Jellie, so in a short time, Joel and Jane were off to a movie while Jellie and I were sitting on the couch working on her knitting. Today she relearned the Mimi cast-on, and knit five rows of garter stitch. I thought, what the heck, may as well start her off continental, and she caught on to that pretty well. She is making a scarf for next winter. Won't need it this year, since today I was toying with the idea of turning on the AC.

The new guy next door in Mrs. B's house is painting the outside this weekend. They are using a sprayer so we could not park in the driveway, because of drift. Their aim was not the best, and the first few feet of roof shingles were also painted. The color of the house will now be a pale grey blue, totally blah, but some people like blah. Still miss Mrs. B.

Laundry beckons.

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