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4:35 p.m. - 2004-03-23

Today, while I was getting some APN maps, Carol-from-the-mailroom came by looking disgusted, and seeing me, she paused to ask me "How come they have me subbing on the recording desk and not you??!!". I looked at her in surprise (because I did not know Jennie was out) and could barely restrain myself from falling on my knees and offering prayers of thanks and joy. I guess it pays off to tell the Big Lady Boss that you hate the recording desk. I just told Carol that I was up to my keester in files, which fortunately is true.

This being the tax season, our weekend was pretty quiet, since I was alone for most of it, but we did squeeze in a nice drive over the hills to Berkeley to check out a location for his Wednesday business meeting. We drove down the street in front of Cal, and my, how it has changed. In my day as a university student, the town was kind of yuppie and upscale. Now it looks worn and old and dirty. Berkeley must not be big on city planning. Instead of the lovely turn-of-the-century buildings that used to front the street, there are chain link fences! Yukkeroo. Plus, that town has always smelled like dog excrement, and that will never change. But after that, we came back home over the green green hills of spring.

I have a book called "Have Your Cake And Eat It Too" which has low cholesterol and low fat dessert recipes, but only recently decided to try some of them. First I made an applesauce cake, which was excellent, and this weekend I tried a blueberry upside down cake, also excellent. I am on a roll now, so will try more and more, since he likes to have a dessert around. What I like about these recipes is that they use sound science and no weird ingredients.

It has definitely cooled off, much to my relief.

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