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Catching Up
12:14 p.m. - 2004-03-31

Had an allergic reaction last week so have been recovering. I never had one of those before, hope to never have one again. The doctor says it was probably brought about by trying the Ester C version of vitamin C and then having my brother bring over two humongous bags of fresh lemons. Instant hives, trip to emergency room, weekend recovering, still on meds, doing much better, thanks.

Lovely weather this week. As I taper off the meds, I am happy to be awake to notice it. However, today at work is very annoying because my computer crashes every two seconds, so they stuck me on another one that does not have my programs, and I have to hop back and forth between the two machines. They are having a going away potluck for Lissette, and Sandy brought the most delicious deep fried wonton potsticker things and I confess I have eaten 7 of them. I have to look at everything suspiciously to see if it has any lemon in it, but other than that, good eats! Hopefully, I can very gingerly test in the future to see if I can still take some lemon because Best Foods Mayo has lemon in it, and we can't give that up. We shall see. I'm hoping it was mostly the ester C since I have been putting up lemons for years, and even cut some up the week before with no ill effects. This has been a weird year so far.

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