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4:29 p.m. - 2004-04-03

OK, I am much better, though detoxing off of steroids is not fun. Today I am taking it easy and cooking. I made banana bread and some stuffed potatoes. About that time, he came home from riding his bike to the office, having taken a spill on the way home. I patched him up and sat him down with a bag of frozen green beans to put on his arm, so I guess we are having green beans for dinner. While all this was going on, it occurred to me to ask him if he had heard anything about Easter. He said we are going over to C & S's and that I am supposed to bring rolls and a dessert. I asked politely just when was he planning to tell me this, the day before Easter, or the day after? Now I have to think of a dessert that I can transport all the way out to the back of beyond. But I get to see the new place, anyway.

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