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Easter Week
6:21 p.m. - 2004-04-06

Holy cow, do I ever hate Daylight Savings Time in the spring. I am tired, and all the brightness has been sucked out of life, down the black hole of saved daylight. Not really that bad, but harder to get used to as you get older. I have been scrambling to put together something for Easter, and Jason's birthday dinner will be the night before. I think I will make a lot of deviled eggs, because I like them, and I already made rolls and bought a chocolate dessert and some palmiers (by Just Desserts) which I thought were appropriate to the season. Joel had told me that they have a chocolate cake at Costco that weighs 7 pounds, and I saw it today. It is tall and heavy looking, but otherwise looks like a regular chocolate cake.

I wish I could get an Easter outfit, but it is not to be, so I will just wear my usual old stuff. I feel like something pink, but have nothing. I did find some nice pink challis in the sewing room when I cleaned it up, left over from Melissa's dress for Aunt Susie's wedding, and maybe I can cut a shirt out of that, but not this week. I haven't sewed in a month, due to illness and lack of interest.

I had a most pleasant lunch today; I just moved the car to the shade in the parking lot and sat in there eating and reading my library book. It was long and restful. I have finished the ghastly Dittmer files and moved on to easier ones, so the rest of the work week does not look too bad. The last two days I have been listening to "Dance Hall Of The Dead" by Tony Hillerman, which was very good, except that I got a little annoyed with the hero at the end. He is shot by a tranquilizer dart and put out of commission, and a teenage girl saves his skin by fighting off the man stalking them while the hero is unconscious. At the end, she goes off to hitchhike somewhere, and the hero says he will look for her on the road and give her the $10 in his pocket. Pretty cheap for saving your life.

I think I will go watch Galaxy Quest again.

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