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Chicken Pot Pie
4:50 p.m. - 2004-04-07

I splurged yesterday and bought some chicken pot pies. When we were first married, we used to buy lots of Swanson CPP's because they were 25 cents each or less, and we liked them. Now life is more difficult because they put nutrition info on the label and we know how many fat grams are in a CPP, which puts a damper on the enjoyment. But yesterday was a "What the hell" kind of day, so I bought a huge box of them (only Marie Callenders) at the Costco. While we were eating, I put in the tape of Galaxy Quest, which to my surprise, he had never seen. I thought we went together to see it, but it must have been the girls. We both enjoyed the movie very much. I enjoy watching movies with him, because he enjoys them and laughs out loud, making me appreciate them more. I love Galaxy Quest.

It feels funny to be all ready for Easter way in advance, but I am all about low stress these days. I think I better start sewing again, because I like that, and I have been thinking about crocheting an afghan out of all my scrap yarns, which would be useful and clean the place up at the same time. I have never made a granny square in my life, though have seen many of them, so I may do that. Then one of the girls can have it for their apartment. When Melissa called the other day, I asked her to look for that Patons book, Street Smarts, because I heard about it on one of the knitting lists I sometimes read. I looked at the patterns online, and there is a really cute cardigan that would be great for Abby, since it is modern but has cables, which I like. I'll have to show her the pattern to see if she likes it.

Here I get to see C & S's new house on Sunday, and three houses on the same street have come across my desk this week. I ran off a run on the street and have the names of all their new neighbors, if they feel nosey. Also, I ran my dad's house and found his original docs on the films from 1958. His signature has not changed at all. I got copies for him, just for fun.

I ate mayonnaise yesterday with no ill effects, so life is getting back to normal. It will be a while before I am brave enough to try orange juice, but I like tomato juice, so life goes on.

I'd better go get my library books together, so I can drop them off on the way to Jason's.

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