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Plane Crash and Pie Crust
4:54 p.m. - 2004-04-14

On Easter, I got the urge to make a pie, to try out a new crust recipe from Have Your Cake and Eat It Too. The author says it always works and is flaky, yet is made with oil and not rolled out, but mixed in the pan and patted out. She was right. It was quick, neat, and good. I filled the crust with peach custard and served the pie topped with whipped cream. So I took the palmiers, pie, and chocolate torte, but we didn't eat the torte, since Sue had also made a dessert.

It did not take as long as I thought to get there, but we found C&S's house without too much trouble. Their half of the street is finished, but they are still building the houses across the way. The house looks ordinary from the outside, but inside the ceilings are very high, with crown molding. As you enter, you notice the beautiful wood floors with wide boards set on the bias. There is a small entryway, and off to the right is the dining area. Ahead is the livingroom/kitchen area, which overlooks the golf course with a big pond, ducks et al. The hall that runs between the LR and entry leads on the left to the master suite with a huge bath (almost bigger than some apartments I have had) and a walk-in closet just like a fancy one you would see on TV, and on the right to two more bedrooms, which are used as offices, one for C, and one for S, and the laundry. All in all, a beautiful house, though they are not all moved in yet. We had a nice time, and when it was time to leave, Sue gave away all the food in the house, since they are leaving for Boston today. We packed it up for Susie, and I gave her the whole chocolate torte for Tom.

I had run off the street for Craig and gave him a copy so he would know the names of all his neighbors. He took it and told me that I am scary, but I noticed that he was avidly reading the printout. On the way home (the EGs were in the back seat), they asked me what I actually really do at work, so I told them, then EG asked if I knew what C & S paid for their house. This struck me funny, but I had to tell them that in spite of my best nosey efforts, if you do not get a loan, you have no deed of trust, and I cannot spy on your transaction. But it was amusing to know that they were really curious too.

Yesterday, he was very late home from work because he was coming back from a meeting and was stuck in a horrendous traffic jam caused by a plane that ran into trouble and tried to land on the freeway. It damaged a van and hurt one girl, but nobody died, not even the plane people, who got out before the plane burned up. Traffic was jammed up for miles and miles. As I was coming back from Jason's, I noticed the helicopters hovering in the air and wondered what was up, but didn't know until I read the paper this morning.

Only one more day, and tax season is over!

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