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Different World View
4:46 p.m. - 2004-04-16

It was supposed to rain for most of this week, but has been very nice instead, with big puffy clouds and lower temps. And bow down and give thanks, because tax season is over! He took the day off today, but I do not know what he did because when I came home from work he was asleep and still is. He obviously worked in the yard, because the sprinkler was going on the newly mowed grass and the gutter was full all the way to the storm drain. After I moved the sprinkler, I looked out the French (boo hiss) doors to the back yard, and that looks much better too.

Tomorrow we are going to drive up toward Redding, because he has to see a new client, so I will take books and knitting and occupy myself while he is clienting. We are going to the town of Shingletown, which I have never heard of before. Hopefully, I will not have to meet or greet the client, or even lay eyes on him, but will be relaxing elsewhere. We want to buy some veggies on the way home, because cauliflower here costs $2.50, and apples are $1.99 a pound. Maybe up north the prices are lower. I wonder if artichoke season is over.

January stopped by the other night, after going over Jason's to clean the fridge for him. She was telling me all the stuff Aunt Becky was telling her after the funeral. Apparently, my grandfather and his brothers lied to everyone about their background and racial designation and left most of their family behind in Chicago to come to California for a good life. Becky says she traced some relatives down and found old birth certificates, but who knows what is true? She says he lied about his mother being from Hawaii, and all my life I thought I was part Hawaiian, but maybe he didn't, who knows? She says the birth certificate says "Mixed Race" but Becky also said things about Phillipino, Portuguese, etc., so now I have a mystery background. Not that it matters, because the Hispanic other side of the family pretty much trumped everything else. I find that I like being a mystery woman with a romantic background.

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