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6:40 p.m. - 2004-04-20

Today I had the urge to make chicken cutlets, so I went to D Foods and had the butcher pound some out for me, because why do it yourself if someone else will do it for you? Now they are in the oven finishing up, and I am cooking cauliflower and green beans with bacon.

I went to work today, came home, cooked dinner, and now I am going to start crocheting an afghan, a first for me. I am making a grannie square, also a first, so we shall see how it goes. I am using up my scraps, with a black background. One of the girls can have it eventually, and I will have more room to buy more yarn! I tried a practice square last night, and my nice ergonomic crochet hook broke in two minutes when the metal hook came apart from the handle. I'll have to crazyglue it, but how crummy can you get! Today I went to Walmart and bought a regular old-fashioned hook, which will not break and will last forever, until I lose it in the couch.

Not an exciting day, so now I am going to go crochet.

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