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Puttering Around
8:36 a.m. - 2004-04-25

My life is very humdrum lately, not that I don't like it that way, just gives me not much to write about. I get up at the crack of dawn and go to work, work all day with various degrees of stress, success or embarrassment, come home and cook dinner, watch TV and do needlework, go to bed and then get up and do it all over again. The highlights of my day are leaving work, reading emails from the girls, and watching TV. In order to survive the vast boredom of the workplace, I listen to books-on-tape in the office, which is allowed as long as I do the work. Or I listen to the radio, when the reception is good enough.

I am enjoying the grannie square afghan, amazingly enough. Crochet was never my favorite thing, but this is mindless and has quick results. I am mostly enjoying the colors, mixing and matching and experimenting with the results. I found a book by Elizabeth Zimmerman at the used book store with stories about her life, and she mentions that when she was interested in crochet, her aunts made her stop doing it because it was low class, "something the servants do". So this amuses me as I crochet away. I can see that one could whip up a baby afghan in lots less time that knitting a sweater, so maybe I will make two or so (and they are little!) and put away for future gifts. I am wishing I could finish the cornmeal sweater, because other projects beckon, maybe I will just have to get tough with myself and do a mandatory hour a day on it. Or maybe 30 minutes.

I got a movie out from the library, Double Happiness, about a Chinese girl and her attempts to break away from her family to make a life of her own. Except for her obligatory lax morals, she was a very likeable character. The actress who played her was the same one who played the Asian friend in Under the Tuscan Sun. She is a very good actress, I liked her alot.

Many exciting things are in the plan for today: pot up the cuks, put sheets on Abby's bed and clean up the room, clean up the hall bathroom, bleach the shower, do my exercises. Or not.

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