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Two-Day Work Week
10:28 p.m. - 2004-05-04

He managed to come back from Atlanta with the younger daughter and still have energy to mow the lawns and make the backyard look a lot spiffier.

Sunday morning, I had been awake from a very early hour, so I sat up in bed and finished my two afghan squares for the day (current square count: 24). I had a lot of work to do before they got back from the airport, so I thought about skipping church, but when I got organized, I decided to get my act together and go. As I drove up, I was surprised to see the EG's getting out of their car. They had arrived home yesterday from their trip to DC and had taken some sort of airport shuttle bus home. EG said they had a great time but were exhausted. After the service, I asked if there was any news on the arrival of Geoff's baby boy, but they said no, hadn't heard a thing but that they had forgotten to turn on their answering machine (!) when they left. After I got home, Susie called me to see if I knew whether or not they had gotten home OK, so I told her that they had been at church. Susie went on to say that the EG anniversary is on Thursday, so we should take them out to dinner. It is either their 60th (Susie thinks) or their 59th (he thinks). I have to once again think of a gift for people who are downsizing and want nothing.

The big excitement around here today was a big drug bust, AND I MISSED IT! The neighbors have been confabbing and muttering about the new people two doors down from Mr. Ed, who have "visitors" at all hours of the day and night. You know, the kind of visitors who drive up, go to the door, then leave again with a little package. They were trying to figure out how to go about reporting said activity without said druggies finding out. All went well in that department, I guess, because today Kathy-Next-Door came over to say that lots of police stormed the place and the guilty party tried to flee through the fence but was captured, just like in an episode of COPS. She was having company at the time, but they spent the time peering through the windows. I bet curtains were twitching all up and down the street. So problem solved for the time being.

I am now on vacation. It will be short, but sweet. Expecially since the last two days at work I spent much energy laboring over a complex file with 10 properties, and finally finished it only to have them call from Forward Planning and cancel it. Two wasted days. Bummer. So in revenge, I left my most stinky files behind, so they should be done by some other hapless person while I am gone.

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