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Vacation, Day 1
4:49 p.m. - 2004-05-05

My first day of vacation is far along and I am very tired. I have already accomplished a lot - endured a visit from the electrician, cleaned the spiders and webs off the back porch, tore apart the sewing room, and went to Davis and back.

The other day I noticed a little spark in one of the kitchen light switches, so he asked Bart-Next-Door (who is a contractor) to recommend someone. I called them last week and decided to sacrifice the early morning of day 1 of my vacation to this necessary visit. I told the electrician, when he arrived (he was so young that he looked like a high school kid, sort of) to also check the kitchen light fixtures, especially the one over the sink that we have not used in years because it looked fishy to me. The electrician told me that we were lucky, that he has never seen wires so fried. What I thought would be a short check-up visit turned into a three hour marathon with Abby and I running to Home Depot for three new fixtures, pulling new wiring through the walls, and other scary things. In spite of all this, he did a great job and the price was fabulously low. He said it was good I called them out before he read about me in the paper (in the obits no doubt).

Having workmen in the house makes me nervous, so I spent the time cleaning the porch. After that chore, Abby wanted me to look for my stash of completed quilt squares so she can make a few quilts this summer, so we went through the plastic boxes (no luck), through the white closets (no luck) and finally found them in the old white shelves. Then we had to put the sewing room back together.

After calling him to tell him the electrician had gone and what the price was, we left for a visit to the quilt store in Davis, an hour away. Once we found the store, I read my library book while Abby shopped around, then we went to the knitting store downtown, then home. At the knitting store I bought Melissa two balls of that post apocalytic yarn called Squiggle by Crystal Palace Yarns. They are beeyootiful. I got myself one of those Knitting Pure & Simple patterns, which I like the looks of and have several of, though have never tested one yet.

Tonight we go to Jason's and they get to see Abby, and we get to hear all about the big Hawaii trip.

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