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On The Road Again
8:06 a.m. - 2004-05-07

Today we are going to the shore. But before that, my clever husband remembered about Filoli Gardens down peninsula way, a huge estate now open to the public. EG says the gardens are gorgeous, and the fact that we remembered it in the spring, instead of winter when nothing is blooming, is remarkable enough. The estate includes a 43-room mansion and has many gardens to tour, including formal themed gardens. I always wanted to see it, and today is the day!

Then we will go to the coast and have lunch, maybe in Half Moon Bay. While jaunting around, we can also be looking for a Mother's Day gift for EG.

The anniversary dinner at the Buttercup Pantry was very nice. EG ordered liver. Grandpa never eats liver because they dished it up to him too many times in the Navy in WWII, so she cannot cook it at home. I hadn't set eyes on liver in about 30 years, but it looks as gross as ever. Which led to me pointing out to Abby what a great mom I am, never ever having served liver to my offspring. Abby says that her only experience with liver was in a science lab. The EGs brought pictures from their trip, and I was interested to see the photos of Baltimore, which looks quite a bit nicer than when we used to go there. The marina area is very spiffy, and they tell me that those famous row houses are now being gentrified, but that you no longer see the ladies out scrubbing the steps the way they used to. I hear the Market is still there though. We used to go there and watch the locals slurp down raw oysters, something I would never have the nerve to do. Oysters and liver, this is turning out to be a slimy paragraph.

Now I am going to go iron my shirt. Current square count -31.

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