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12:35 p.m. - 2004-05-09

Last Day of my mini vacation. Yesterday was a bust, because he decided to fix the chain on his bike (hereafter called The Vampire) and gouged a big hole in his hand. So at 8:30 in the morning we rushed off to the emergency room and spent all the rest of the morning there. In the past five weeks he has fallen off said bike, had a flat and walked 7 miles home, and now this. I told him that now that the bike has tasted his blood, maybe it will be satisfied and let him alone.

He was supposed to take it easy with his hand yesterday, but being a man, I kept catching him trying to dig up the garden or other foolishness, and I confess that the words "You idiot!" passed my lips several times. Luckily, he is in no pain in spite of having stitches and a big bandage, so all should go well as long as I keep an eye on him. It makes me ponder the medical silliness of men - do manly genes deny men the ability to recognize their own temporary weaknesses? I remember how my neighbor with congestive heart failure was told to take it easy, then went out and knocked down the fence with a sledgehammer. His funeral was the week after. And another relative, after successful back surgery, told to take it easy, kept overdoing and undid part of the success of the surgery. I would like to point out to all men that it is hard to be macho if you are dead.

Saw an interesting little vignette in the emergency room waiting area. Some guy and his way too pushy daughter came in and she said he was having a heart attack. The reception guy, noting that the victim was walking and talking, told them to sit and wait, which incensed the daughter (whose lips never stopped moving). The victim, however, seemed to have been through all of it before, so instead of being killed by bureaucracy, just walked through the doors into the emergency room and hunted up a nurse on his own. Did not follow any of the rules and lived to tell the tale.

We enjoyed the trip to Filoli Gardens. Unknown to us, Friday was the day of the flower show, so we got to tour the mansion and see all the flower arrangements. I especially enjoyed seeing the kitchens and butler's pantry. They had rose gardens and cutting gardens, and all the usual rich people glades and nooks. The cutting garden had old-fashioned sweet peas along the fence, and I stayed there a bit, enjoying the fragrance. After that, we drove to Half Moon Bay, which I remember as a little beach town, but my, how it has changed. It is totally gentrified now, with boutiques and multi-million-dollar homes. We attempted to visit the yarn shop on Main Street, but it was closed, so then we drove 4 miles down the coast and ate at a fish place.

Tonight is the Survivor finale. I am hoping the others get wise and get rid of Rob and Amber, who are cute and probably deserve to win, but I hope they don't. Some of us are hoping Rupert wins.

In church this morning, EG told us that Roxanne is in the hospital but still no action on the baby front. Should hear something later today.

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