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Spins But Won't Drain
7:58 a.m. - 2004-05-15

I finally found some cotton summer shifts and bought four to wear around the house during heat waves. Abby also went shopping and found some good work clothes for her summer employment.

It is amazing how accustomed I am to my washing machine. Now that mine is broken, and the repairman can't come out to fix it until Monday, life is much more complicated. I am used to an endless supply of clean towels and socks, and trying to make do for a week is difficult. Luckily, my dad has a super duper Maytag that is a joy to use, so I am schlepping baskets of dirty clothes over to his house and washing stuff, bringing it home to dry. It is better than using the laundromat, because I don't know those germs.

Word came on Mother's Day that I am now a Great Aunt. The baby was huge, 9 pounds and 15 ounces, and they named it Ivan, causing puzzlement everywhere, but oh well, it's their baby. In this computer age, we can now see the baby pictures posted on their website, and he is indeed cute. At Easter, the future grandma told me that her son and daughter-in-law had told her, in the ignorant way of the young, that they were sure that having a baby would not change their life much. She told me that she barely refrained from laughing out loud at them, so together we both enjoyed a huge laugh. So now they are finding out the realities of life with a baby. I did get a very nice handwritten thank-you note from them for the sweater I knitted for Ivan, and my nephew even says that he still has the sweater I made for him when he was an infant, and he is going to use it for his new son. I remember that sweater, it was a miniature letterman sweater in the colors of MIT. Which is funny too, because does MIT even have lettermen?

Abby and her dad are off on their belated bike ride, delayed by last weekend's hospital adventure. I made him wear a cover for his hand and I hope all goes well. This time at least, he has his cell phone. I am about to pack up the baskets of laundry and my crocheting and go over to my dad's house to do laundry and watch my cooking shows.

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