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A Day In The Life
7:44 a.m. - 2004-05-15

Tuesday was an ordinary day. I got up, went to work, came home. As an exercise in making something of the dullness of my day, I am attempting to write a diary entry about it anyway.

I got up at 5:35 am. I did the 8-minute stretch and the 8-minute abs. Whenever I feel blah about exercising, I do the stretch because it feels good to stretch out, and it wakes me up. I have decided to make this the Year Of The Abs so that I remember to always to those exercises even if I slack off on the others.

Got to work at 7:00 and did the namerun. Not too bad except that the computers must have been down over at the county because they couldn't look up any particulars for me. Once that was out of the way, I finished off one file and started on the one Bernadette had half done during my vacation. It had a base from 1983, which means lots of water under the bridge in 20 years, so lots of documents to pull plus a slow printer = boredom and waiting. While this plodded on, I refiled all the many sub files that had stacked up in the corner.

At lunch I went over to the WalMart and looked around, but bought nothing. One funny thing was that when we were at Filoli Gardens, I noticed a very chic woman admiring an arrangement of peonies and lilies. She was wearing a really classy looking cerise linen shirt with hemstitching. I thought it was an expensive designer shirt, but I saw it hanging up at the WalMart! None in my size though, bummer.

After lunch I waited for the printer some more, and struggled with the computer program which refused to work for me, then went to the film room to pull some old docs. That done, I refiled more files and waited for the printer some more. Only prints 7 pages a minute.

After work, I stopped at the Safeway and bought some ground turkey for the spaghetti sauce Abby made for dinner, then came home. Letting Abby make dinner was a miscalculation on my part, because the one who cooks does not do the dishes, and I forgot he was out of commission with his cut hand, so I was stuck doing the dishes.

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