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5:23 p.m. - 2004-05-20

What fabulous exciting things have happened in my life in the past few days? Nothing. I am up to square 44 on the afghan, and Abby and I ordered the Street Smart pamphlet from Patons. It arrived a few days ago and we looked over the sweater she wants (the cover hooded cardigan). It requires a standard 5 st to the inch yarn so she will have plenty to choose from. Melissa called from Texas and told me that their Walmart has gotten in an exciting new array of yarns, even Patons yarns, which made me envious because our Walmart carries diddly squat. Well, that is a little harsh, but I could use a few new choices.

Exciting things I have bought for myself recently: one new drying rack for the bathtub and one set of 5 lb ankle weights. The repair guy (who was a nice young guy when I first started calling him out, and is now the father of high school kids) fixed my washing machine at great expense, but we talked over the alternatives of buying a new machine or fixing this one. He likes (even covets) my old Maytag, because he says they do not make them that good anymore (actually he said most modern machines are pieces of crap, and he should know), so I had this one fixed. The last time he worked on it, it worked fine for 6 more years. It is incredibly inconvenient not to have a working washer, as I found out, so it is nice to have it back in top form. And the pipes don't whistle anymore.

Melissa called me today to tell me that she found a new apartment. Her first real apartment, which she will live in by herself, a life experience I never had. I was at home, then had roommates, then a husband. Apartments in Texas are very cheap, about a third the cost of this area.

Bernadette brought her baby into the office today, and she is extremely cute. Imagine a little Filipino baby with two little pigtails on top of her head. I asked to hold her, even though she was skittish, and since I speak fluent Baby, she smiled at me right away. What a cutie.

At Jason's last night, Jane brought an Eggstractor for me that she got at the As Seen On TV store at the mall. Abby and I had to give it a try, but we used cold hard boiled eggs from the fridge, so we had mixed results. Since I have so many eggs in the house now, (because we were out of them, and he and I did not coordinate our shopping efforts and both came home with 3 dozen each) Abby and I are going to follow the instructions in the box and make some deviled eggs this weekend. Actually the pamphlet that came with it contains "Eggstructions for a successful Eggstraction" plus some interesting egg recipes that look like they were pirated from an English or Canadian book. Gadgets are fun, but I really hope this works because making 8 dozen deviled eggs for family birthdays would be soooooo much easier.

He has just arrived home from Las Vegas, and is tired and hungry, so I am going to go make some dinner (chicken in gravy over potatoes, and carrots).

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