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12:03 p.m. - 2004-06-04

Well, this week is almost over already, and the weekend approaches. I only have two more squares to go on the afghan, but I ran out of black. The whole idea of the thing was to use up my scraps, but I ended up buying a lot of yarn which will have leftovers, too, so I am not ahead at all in that department. I am not sure whether or not I really love this crochet project thing, because I did not like weaving in all the different-colored ends, but it was very portable and satisfying to finish. Over the weekend holiday, we finished off Abby's big quilt, I say "we" because I helped sew on the binding, but left the last little bit for her to do so she could have the pleasure of finishing it herself. While we were doing this, we watched a lot of movies, and spent some time looking for my copy of Persuasion. We never did find it, but I knew for certain that I had a copy that I recorded off PBS. Later, Melissa called from Texas, and in the course of the conversation, she revealed that she has my copy of Persuasion!! After all the hours I have spent looking for it!! (Maybe 15 minutes). To remedy this, Abby and I went on Amazon and ordered a copy, and some new Georgette Heyer paperbacks.

They were talking about a levee break at work yesterday, and I see in the paper that yes, there was one, and it was big. I bet you are asking, who cares?, but it may affect our water supply, and I want no restrictions on my garden watering. I will have to wait and see what happens. But I wonder how a levee can just fall down one day and flood everything in sight when it is not even raining, and hasn't rained for months. Life in California is a series of hops from one natural disaster to another.

Time to get back to work to make the weekend begin sooner.

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