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Spring in California
12:23 p.m. - 2004-06-19

Yesterday went rather fast, and that is good, because it was Friday. Abby had to go return a video so she got a few more. We watched Hope Springs with my favorite, Colin Firth, but I am sad to say that it is the stupidest movie I have seen in ages. I liked the husband of the motel lady, but other than that, everyone was unlikeable, especially the heroine, who guzzles liquor and strips off for the hero right away. In real life, with AIDS and other horrors, no one would touch her with a ten foot pole, such was her irresponsible behavior, yuk. So we could not make it past the 25 minute point in that movie, so ditched it and moved on to Bend It Like Beckham. Now that was a much better movie, and we enjoyed it very much.

Today is another beautiful day, mild and sunny, so I am watching my cooking shows and preparing to go out shopping. Joel just called and asked if he could bring over the Bean, so she is sitting behind me now, eating chili beans and rice. We are taking her shopping with us while Joel and Jane do something, I didn't catch where they are going. We are going to shop for yarn for Abby's sweater, and maybe a shirt for me.

I am on the very last row on the afghan, hooray! Should finish that today, then start up on the sweater, if we can find the yarn. I haven't knitted bobbles in a long time, not since I made that Aran for Craig years ago, and Abby's sweater has many of them. Melissa and I were of the opinion that neither of us could have a sweater with bobbles, because we would pull on them absentmindedly and ruin the sweater.

Garden News: the beans are coming up and we are suddenly swamped in cucumbers. He mowed the lawn today and threw the grass into the compost pile, so the yard is looking neat and productive.

Time to shop!

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