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Early Harvest
5:32 p.m. - 2004-06-23

Just went out and picked a peck of cucumbers. Why did they come on so fast this year? I am going to take a few over to my dad, and I am glad that I found a good recipe for cucumbers escabeche or however you spell it. This means cucumbers in a seasoned vinegar solution.

Everytime I go out into the garden I am fascinated by that fly catcher I have hanging behind the bush. I think I mentioned before that I noticed more flies than usual in the yard this year, probably because the neighbors now have two big dogs, so I bought two of those traps that all you do to is to add water and hang up. The one I have out there now is really working, and at the risk of grossing you out, I will say that the layer of flies on the water is about an inch thick. And more are flying in every minute. This has got to reduce the population don't you think?

We have such a huge peach crop on that volunteer tree out front that he had to prop the branches up with boards. I picked one today for my lunch and it was extremely good. I think I will pick a few for Jason too. He is out and about now, healed enough to resume his walks. Now he takes along a big stick.

I finished the afghan over the weekend and started in on Abby's sweater. I am already about 6 inches up the back, but that part is only K2 P2, and I am just about to begin the cable pattern. She chose an inexpensive knitting worsted in a rich burgundy with gold undertones that is called Autumn Red. It is very soft and knits up very fast. I have started taking my latest project along to Jason's and manage to get a lot done while chatting and watching Jeopardy with him. It is funny how Mimi used to like that show and watched it every night, Chas too, and now their son and his children are watching it. Man, that show is ancient.

I am itchy from picking the cucumbers, so better go change and get to Jason's. As a side note, last night Abby tried a new recipe, Stuffed Beef Rolls, made with round steak and a breadcrumb dressing, and cooked in a gravy. It was superb.

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