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All About Easements and Abutter's Rights
5:31 p.m. - 2004-06-28

I wasn't looking forward to today because they are training me for yet ANOTHER job at the office. They are finally getting around to training me on maps and map checking, plus I am going to have to do map guarantees and exceptions and binders. In other words, I am the new Bernadette, she is a new examiner, and Imelda is the new me.

We saw the new Harry Potter over the weekend, and I liked it a lot. I have heard from other people complaining that it would be confusing if you hadn't read the book, but take it from me, who remembers almost nothing from the book, that it was enjoyable all by itself. But then, I am not picky. I thought the special effects were very good, and the scenery was beautiful.

Today I rushed home for lunch, and here is what I ended up doing on my lunch hour: watering the plants, taking out the kitchen trash, lubricating the sliding glass door (because I almost dislocated my arm trying to take out the trash), putting a new trash bag in the kitchen trash can, vacuuming the sliding glass door channel, washing the vacuum attachment because of the previous job, finding out the bathroom sink was clogged, and unclogging said bathroom sink, finding food to eat for lunch (cold Hunan chicken, peach, milk) and doing 10 minutes on the home computer.

Then it was back to work to learn more about maps than I ever knew before. Now I am (thank goodness) home and getting ready to relax and knit.

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