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Putting the Basil to Bed
4:37 p.m. - 2004-07-10

Lovely day today, though it is starting to warm up a bit. He pulled out his radish crop, which had grown to gargantuan proportions before we had a chance to eat them all, but oh well, all compost is good compost. In the newly cleared space, I set out the several dozen basil plants I started last month and lots of flowers, nasturtiums, cosmos, and marigolds. Hopefully, there will be lots of color in the fall this year, a time when I have usually lost interest and let the garden dry up.

Today has been very relaxing and productive. I got out my computer sewing machine and stitched embroidery patterns down the front of some blue linen blouses I am making for Ab before she goes back to school. Then I knitted for a bit and watched my cooking shows. Right now I am doing a little organizing of my Paula Deen recipes, typing a list in Excel so I can alphabetize them. I also cleaned out the library book bin and started reading another Georgette Heyer book. So far I have about 19 or 20 books in my collection, though several of these are in the mail from Amazon. I used to have a copy of A Civil Contract, one of my favorites, but it seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, so I ordered another one.

Tonight I will watch my Japanese shows and knit some more. Not an exciting day, but my goal is to make it seem long, so I don't feel like work is taking over my entire life.

On Friday, after Vi and I did a map review, she told me to email Jeff and send him the review memo. I asked if he had the standard email address, which is Well, she forgot to tell me that Jeff uses his middle initial too, so I ended up sending the thing to another Jeff in Seattle, who promptly sent it back in a, I have to admit, not too snippy manner. It must be annoying to have someone else in the corporation with your same name.

Let's see, what should I cook for dinner tonight? I really want to just sit here and have someone else put a plate in front of me, with steak, baked potato and corn pudding and salad, but that is not going to happen now is it?

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