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Corporate Resolution
12:15 p.m. - 2004-07-16

Did my first 2nd map check at work, ended up having to hit the managing company up for operating agreements and corporate resolutions, but all is fine now and am doing the map guarantee. Why don't they just let me do one job for a couple of years so I can rest. My brain is tired.

Hot again today, but it is Friday. We have a good weekend planned, with a library book sale tomorrow, and clay work for me. I want to try some of the new stuff I bought. Plus, I want to make chili verde and tortillas and work on Abby's sweater and my black shirt and sleep. The usual.

I found out that EG wants to give a little do for Geoffrey and wife and baby on the same day that Abby flies out back to school, which means I have to drive all the way to SF, come back, drive all the way to the neighboring town, visit for awhile, drive all the way back, go to sleep and get up and go to work yet again, my whole day shot to hell in a handbasket. There, nothing like starting the weekend off with a whine.

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