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Pretty In Pink
2:53 p.m. - 2004-07-18

EG was very nice to me at church today, patting my arm when I sat down and complimenting me on my shirt. They invited us to dinner next weekend, for once doing the "See the Grandchild" thing before the very last minute. I am supposed to bring rolls and dessert, so Abby and I are going to try some new recipe. So far this summer, she has tried out Coconut Crunch Delight and Chocolate Peanut Torte, both involving cool whip, a product not often seen around this house. Both were very good, so it will be interesting to try another new thing.

I have been knitting on Abby's sweater and sewing on her shirt, blue linen no-sleeve. She likes to have sleeveless tops for band camp so that she will not get a "farmer tan" which I guess is uncool. The first time I made that top pattern I swore that I would never use it again, but it looks so cute on her that I broke down and tried it another way and succeeded. The tricky part is that it has a zipper on the side, and last time I put the zipper in first, then tried to hem the curved bottom hem, but having wised up, I now hem it first. If only I could find more linen in good colors, I would make more of them.

It was too hot to cook so all thought of chili verde and tortillas went by the board, and we are going to have sandwiches for dinner. Time for the fog to roll in, I say.

In church this morning, the pastor said something about the last two weeks being eventful, and pointed across the aisle from me, where Eva Marie sat with her new baby (and I hadn't even noticed!). It is a girl, all in pink, and very cute. They named her Lea, or something like that. I guess I better wrap up that Wallaby and take it to church next weekend.

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