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5:25 p.m. - 2004-07-22

Looks like we are getting a new hot water heater tomorrow, which is nice that we do not have to wait a week. Because we now have no hot water in the house, I am about to take Abby out to dinner. He is off to some function or other out where the rich folk dwell, and since this function is usually held (accidentally) on the hottest day of the year, I wish him joy of it. We are going to try Benihana, which I have only been to once at lunch for an office birthday. It should be fun, anyway. I feel that most food tastes better eaten with chopsticks, I wonder why that is.

Still hot as holy hell here, but I forgot to turn the AC off last night, so it ran all night and day, which makes for a comfy life.

Friday: The new hot water heater is in, and as these things go, it is lovely. I guess time has marched on in the technology of water heaters, because this just looks more solid and reliable than the old one did, plus he bolted it up to the wall really well (earthquake), and even more important, a huge spout of water is not gushing out of the pipe, as happened last time I had a water heater put in. So I am happy and relieved, and only had to take one cold shower (not the way to go, take it from me).

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