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Timecard Manipulation
7:32 a.m. - 2004-07-24

Ahhh, Saturday! Yesterday, the guy was supposed to come and install the water heater, so I knew I had to take time off from work. My boss said OK as long as I make it up in one day, which crushed my hopes of making it up over several days, but just fudging about the actual timing of it on the timesheet (but still getting in all the required hours). But nooooo, I had to come in to work at 5:30 in the morning, leave again at 8:30, come back to work and figure out the rest of my departures and returns to give me an 8-hour day. After work, we drove to the next town to pick him up from work, then went out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, then went to rent movies. Once home again, we started watching Big Fish, but I fell asleep, so had to go to bed.

All day at work, Sue and I were thinning out the ranks of old files, so there was a lot of lifting and hefting of files and boxes (on my part, she just told me what files to pack up) so it is no wonder that I was exhausted by two in the afternoon. I packed and hefted 19 heavy boxes of files, then had to rearrange those files left on the shelves.

Today I have remembered that I am supposed to make some rolls for dinner tonight, so I better get that started. Luckily, the fog is in so it is cooler for the time being.

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