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All This And Communion, Too
2:58 p.m. - 2004-08-01

I could blather on about how the pastor went on and on and on, but it is always the same, so refer to an earlier entry. After church, Abby and I walked out to the car, and waited and waited and waited until he finally finished chatting and showed up. Since we were out of gas, we went to a gas station, and Abby and I waited and waited and waited while he battled with a broken gas pump and finally managed to get gas into the car. After that, we stopped at the grocery store to load up on Dennison's chili beans for the girl to take back to college, then we were finally home again. No offense, earthly or otherwise, but church should not make you want to escape and get home as soon as possible.

We stopped at Food4Less on the way home and I got three big bags of chilis. Auntie M is supposed to stop by today at Jason's, having driven Amanda down for orientation at her college, so Jason said he would call me when they stop at his house. Since I will be going over there anyway, I will take the peppers and roast them on his handy dandy gas range. I find it hard to believe that I have lived over twenty years of my life without a gas range. I still miss the flames, for warming tortillas, roasting peppers, and toasting marshmallows.

Abby made pizza from scratch last night, and it was delicious. Part of the reason it was so good was that she used the whole package of pepperoni on it, so it was swimming in grease and goodness. We are still eating up the watermelon that Jason gave us, and I am picking lots of beans in the garden. Well, lots for us, anyway.

Yesterday I started and finished the blue linen blouse for Abby, and today I am working on a shirt for me in a brown/black textured fabic I got off the sale table ages ago. I looked through my box of cut-out garments and started to get a little more enthusiastic about sewing. Abby has gotten interested in crochet, so we went down to the fabric store and equipped her with hooks and an instruction book. She used some of my upholstery brothers samples to make a carry case for them. I liked the case a lot, so I may have to make one for myself, goodness knows I have the fabric for one.

Better get Melissa's bed all ready for her visit. Which means I have to take off of it the two tons of fabric I have stored there.

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