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Too Hot To Cook
6:48 p.m. - 2004-08-13

The first part of this week was horrible, because I had to work the recording desk, but let us pretend it did not happen, and just be glad it's over. The rest of the week was peaceful and cool by comparison because it was so hot over at the RD that I almost keeled over the last day. My own desk has a nice fan and no time pressure, and I can listen to books on tape as I work.

I have been knitting on Abby's sweater and have started one of the sleeves. I am toying with the idea of knitting two pieces at once, each with their own ball of yarn. I wonder if you would get hopelessly tangled....It would be great to finish up two sleeves at the same time instead of having to start the new one. Melissa is making those long skinny scarves out of "arty" yarn. The one she just finished looks very good, in tones of red and black and other earthy tones.

It was beastly hot this week, and that always wipes me out, so I am tired, tired, tired. Tomorrow we are going up to Sacramento to the good bead store, and the world's best used book store in Placerville. My grandfather always called that town by its old name, Hangtown. He and my grandmother used to make trips up there trying to find the grave of his grandmother, to fulfill a promise he made to his own mother. They never found it though. He always thought that it must now be under the present Folsom Lake, which wasn't there when his grandmother lived and died there back in the Gold Rush. After that the family went back to Indiana and farmed there until they moved back to California at the turn of the last century. I often wonder what my tall handsome grandfather, who did not marry until nearly forty, saw in the short little Mexican woman who would become my grandmother. I only saw the old woman, but my dad says she was really something in her day.

Tonight we are going to watch another movie, 13 Going On 30, and I am going to knit.

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