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Minutes Ticking By Slowly
12:13 p.m. - 2004-08-28

This was the most golldarned boring week at work that I have ever spent. Oh yeah, I used to work in the Shop, so let me rephrase that - this has been the most golldarned boring week at work that I have spent recently. Business must have slowed down, so I didn't have many maps to check, and after I had neatened up everything that I could find to neaten up, and had even caught a few winks in front of the computer, still the days stretched before me. If only I could surf the internet or read a book, but nooooo. But three maps came in on Friday so at least the start of next week should be OK, and I have a half day off on Friday because I chose the right egg in the Easter draw.

In the last week I have noticed myself getting noticeably stronger, especially in the abs. I no longer have to work to complete the set of 135 ab thingies of three different kinds, I just do it. I am on the third or fourth week of the Bone Building/Body Shaping Workout. Now you know I have a million workout tapes that I get at the used book store or library book sales, and so far the most effective ones have been these Joyce Vedral tapes. I just love them. The next best are the Tony Little Target Training, if you can get past laughing at his girly hair (very distracting).

I forgot my anniversary the other day, my 32nd. I was leaving in a hurry for work and there was a card sitting on my purse from He-Who-Remembered. Instead of going out to dinner, I bought some salmon and we had a light dinner. Life with us is sooo exciting, but we read a lot of good books. There was a long time there when he was so hassled by work that he did not read books for fun, but I talked him back into it, and now he reads about every night. He likes those political intrigue kind of books, though I have caught him reading a romance or two. I think he started them by accident and liked them (not the lurid cover kind, more like Barbara Delinsky).

I am going go sew now and stay cool. It is supposed to get up to 100 today.

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