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Labor Day Weekend
8:26 p.m. - 2004-09-06

I wrote this last week, but lost it in my tote bag.

Another end of the month day. I get up at 5:15, rush to the office, look up all the property info on the names listed on a 3-page list, then start the nervous wait for the namerun to come in over the fax. Will it be early, will it be late, will they send it to the wrong fax, will they forget to send it??? They sent it to the wrong fax machine, down at the recording desk. Haven't done that for two years. I found it at 7:15, rather late, but no problems today, no pulls. I finish with time to spare, then walk off the adrenaline rush by going to the front lobby, snagging the company newspaper and taking it to the lunchroom. A little Dear Abby will calm anyone down. After a little chatting with LM, who is back in our offices on temporary loan (I used to sit next to her when we were both in the closing department, in the year before the Upheaval) I was back at my desk doing a rush map guarantee. The computer guy came by to see if he had finished up the installation yesterday (uh, nooo....) so I had no computer for awhile. Nothing to do so I went to lunch.

I always treat myself to lunch on the end of the month day. This time I had a turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich.


That's as far as I got. The rest of the week was map checks and guarantees and emails. On Friday I only worked half day, after which I rushed home to meet up with him, packed in a big hurry (I forgot toothpaste, my hairdryer, and the sunscreen) and left for Reno. The traffic was not too bad except that we kept passing roadside fires, including a burning cornfield. It was a hot day with strong winds, so the fire was quickly getting impressive. There was a car parked by the side of the road and the person in it was using a cellphone, so we knew they were calling for help. After we had driven a bit, the fire engine came rushing past us. We got to Reno about 5:45 and were welcomed by our friends, DM and his wife K. They live on the south side of Reno in a new development, and their new place is gorgeous. Our bedroom was like the fanciest hotel suite I have ever been in with its own bathroom, 10-foot ceilings, and beautiful decor.

The next day we went to the rib cookoff downtown in Victoria Square. We sampled the ribs from 4 contestants, and really, they were not that terrific, not at all better than I make at home, so that made me feel great. We also sampled a funnel cake, and that was very good. It was pretty hot and mostly in the sun, but in the shade a cool breeze could be felt. We met up with K's son, who amused us by getting into a political argument with some rather stupid Kerry supporters nearby who were so ignorant and prejudiced that they, of course, started calling names and stomped off. All the Kerry supporters were glum looking and all the Bush supporters seemed happy and enthusiastic. We could tell them apart because there were booths handing out stickers to both camps.

That night, we treated DM and K to a dinner out at a new local eatery on the Riverwalk. He had a salad and half my steak and I had an interesting and delicious steak with a faintly rosemary sauce, served with potatoes in a blue cheese sauce (sounds awful but was good). The restaurant was called the Silver Peak.

So it was a very nice weekend. I thought, because I am not that skilled in social situations, that it would be excrutiating having to make conversation while staying with people for two whole days, but it turned out to be pleasant and enjoyable.

We came back on Sunday, and just rested and watched The Fast and The Furious. Obviously not a chick flick. Today I just lazed around too because it was hot.

Now I have to go back to work tomorrow.

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