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Standing By Their Story
6:34 a.m. - 2004-09-12

I am tired of the hot weather. The AC has been on constantly for days and days. Time for fall, and colored leaves and cool weather. The highlights this week were the return of Ken to Jeopardy and listening to Jane boo him, more boredom at work, a good book, and overcoming my "sewer's block". Not to say that my sewer is blocked up, but that I have started to sew again. Also greatly amused this week by the mess CBS news has gotten itself into, and the disintegrating reputation of the Boston Globe and the AP. I love it when evil deeds turn on the evildoers.

Also this week was the first day of school. I was a little worried that El Beano, who has been in Christian school for all these years, would have a hard time adjusting to the rough and tumble of a public school, but I should have saved myself the trouble. She LOVED it. Jane tells me that I fell victum to the common assumption that Christian school is full of innocent little angels, when in reality it has many kids who were such a problem in regular schools that they got kicked out. Jellie loved her classes and made friends the very first day, even accomplishing the all-important task of finding someone to eat lunch with. She seems to love the fact that there are soooo many kids compared to the other school, likes her classes and couldn't wait to go back the next day. Who would have thought it?

I have a big charity event coming up next week, an auction for an organization that helps people cope with serious illnesses. I have a plain slinky black dress but no suitable fancy jewelry, so I went to the mall to look in the Fabulous Fakes store, and saw one I liked, since he told me that he prefers the gold type of jewelry (who knew he even noticed that sort of thing?) as opposed to the more ethnic stuff I like. We are going to go back to the store after church today and pick something out with matching earrings. I haven't gotten dressed up for anything in over a year, and don't think I have had pantyhose on in much longer than that. What a fancy life I lead!

When we went to Monterey, he brought his new digital camera to practice on. It wouldn't work, even though the batteries in it were fairly new. I thought, bummer, another hassle. This week I decided to do the obvious - Read the Manual! There it plainly states to never use lithium batteries, which is what were at that moment inside of it. I took those out and put in some cheapo Costco batteries, and presto boppo, it works. In honor of this, we went down to Staples yesterday and got a new color cartridge, which is not installed yet, but may be someday. At least we are thinking along the right lines.

When I left work on Friday, the computer program was still crippled, so here's hoping that this week finds it fixed so I won't be so mired in boredom.

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