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Happy Birthday Grandpa
6:58 a.m. - 2004-09-18

This has been shaping up to be a very busy weekend. We have a charity function to go to, an auction for the Wellness Community, and I have to get all dressed up and actually wear nylons. Tomorrow is Grandpa's 82nd birthday, so we are doing something a little different. Originally, the family member with lots of pets wanted us to all go over to her house, but he saved me from that by suggesting that we go to the EG's but we bring the food. To this end, I am going to hurry home from church tomorrow and make Pappy's chicken, a whole ton of it, green bean casserole, and who knows what else, something potatoey. Susie is bringing salad and rolls. He is going to a fancy schmancy bakery in Almond River and ordering a cake similar to the Dream of Cream cake that Grandpa likes, except that EG always gets theirs from a nearby bakery whose products tend toward the tasteless. We thought a real quality product of the same type (chocolate cake with whipped cream everywhere) would be lovely. I could make one, but since EG and Grandpa no longer exchange gifts, already having everything they need, she wants to give the cake as her present, but we will gladly do all the work, ordering and pickup, for her.

Someone at his office gave him a bike, a 26" ladies 10-speed for free, so he took it for one of the girls.

We rented movies this week, and watched Father Goose, an old Cary Grant movie which I love, and Laws of Attraction with Pierce Brosnan (not bad). Last night we watched In America, about an Irish family coming to live in New York, and I liked it very much. We also enjoyed the Survivor premiere, and I already like the FBI agent, but let's face it, that is based on looks alone. They didn't really show why the tribe voted out that young guy, he must have annoyed them somehow. It is interesting that there are people who just do not have the balance thing going for them, and can't walk a balance beam. I imagine that if you tend toward a thicker middle like some men do, it could throw off your balance.

While we are not being pounded by a hurricane, we were complaining about the never ending hot weather, but today is overcast and cool. Good thing, since I have to do a lot of cooking for the EG's thing. He is biking into the office to work this morning and I am going to run errands and putter.

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