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An Evening With the Upper Crust
5:10 p.m. - 2004-09-21

Whew! What a busy weekend. We rented movies last week, so we had two to finish up. Friday we watched In America, which I liked very much, and in fact, I watched it again Saturday afternoon. I was prepared for the charity auction I was suppposed to attend with him, having bought my nylons and found my necklace. We got a phone call from DM, his friend from Reno who was supposed to host the event, but apparently the gig fell through so he would not be there. Around 7:30, we arrived at the fancy country club and found that there was valet parking. I do not like valet parking, and neither does he because the one time he tried it they ripped off the spare change he keeps in a drawer for tolls. I don't like it because I do not want a stranger in my car who has my keys and can read on the registration slip where I live. So we parked up the hill in a shaded, far-away lot and walked across the grounds to the main building, which looked like a Kentucky mansion.

Inside were the milling throngs of the rich and powerful in the county. I amused myself looking at the ladies and their outfits, and was introduced to his boss and friends. Eventuallly we made our way to our table. I was seated next to a woman who looked like a young version of Hildi on Trading Places. She was an accountant in the City, and she asked me what my husband did. Then she had a little accountant-type chat with him, talking across me. After awhile, I guess she decided to pity me and let me in on the conversation (as if I cared) and kindly asked me, "And you, do you work outside the home?" I did not know I so looked like a mom! I hit her with an "Oh yes, I work for "______"Title Company in the title plant." Which seemed to impress her because her significant other worked for one of the big builders and does business with our company, the most prestigious in the area. She made sure to tell me that she used to work in Paris. Whoop de doo. Then while she was eating her salad, she accidently flipped her fork in the air and it hit me in the leg. She was mortified. I was amused.

The auction was interesting. Where on earth do these people get that kind of money??? Several upscale bakeries had donated cakes, and each one brought in about $700. For a cake. In a funny comment on the current political scene, one of the auction items was an evening with Geraldine Ferraro, the former candidate for vice president, who was debating with someone from CNN at the Lesher Center. What would the debate be like - "Oh, I agree" "Yes, that's right" etc. I mean CNN, please. Anyway, when the item came up, no one at all bid on it. No one. The auctioneer said, "And let's move on!" I laughed.

The dinner was quite good. Which is nice since it cost about $500 a plate, not paid for by us, of course, but by the firm. He had a great time networking and chatting.

The next morning I was up early getting the food ready for Grandpa's birthday party. I made a potato casserole from the Paula Deen book, using frozen hash browns, a first for me. And it was delicious! I also made the green bean casserole and tons of Pappy's chicken. While we were getting ready to leave after church, the bakery called to tell us they were closed (he got the time wrong) but would stay for us if we hurried. We jumped in the car and were there in a flash. The cake was chocolate layers and everything else was whipped cream. They decorated the top with blue and green hydrangia blossoms, very pretty (real blossoms, not frosting). Grandpa seemed very taken with the Pappy's chicken and took me aside to ask me what the spice was called and where to get it. We had a good time around the dinner table, talking about all kinds of things, but mostly dissecting Memogate and Dan Rather. When we got home, we watched our last movie, The Paycheck. I am not taken with Ben Afflect, or however you spell his name, but I liked the movie premise very much. The plot was full of holes but hey, I am not picky.

This week at work looks good because I have tons of work to do. Tonight is the finale of Amazing Race! Bookwise, I am re-reading the entire Sue Barton series, except for Sue Barton Rural Nurse, which no longer seems to exist in the library universe, which is too bad because that was the best one. This week is the library book giveaway in the back library lot, so I am going on my lunch hours to snag free books. In the Abby Sweater update, I am almost done with the left front.

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