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One Week To Go
10:09 a.m. - 2004-09-26

Didn't knit much on the sweater this week because it was the Paper Cut Week From Hell. At one point I was sporting 5 bandaids. I am now down to only one. I wonder why the maps were attacking me?

The weather man said it was supposed to cool down, but since I don't consider 90 degrees to be cool, I am still waiting.

I only have one week to get through and then I will have 9 days in a row with no work. I know just where I am going for my vacation - right to my couch. I am going to rest, knit, sew, and rent a million movies, and get a flu shot. Stupid work scheduled the shots (free) right in the middle of my vacation so I have to go back to work that day, but only for a half hour or so.

Over two weeks ago Jellie brought over to Jason's some brownies she had made, with white frosting and sprinkles. They gave me a big hunk to take home for him, so I wrapped it well and stuck it in my knitting bag, and promptly forgot it. I found it in there all squished up on Sunday and set it aside on my table while I checked my knitting to make sure the wrapping hadn't leaked onto the yarn. I got distracted and went off to do something else, and when I came back, I only found the wrapper. "You didn't eat that did you??!!" I exclaimed to him, "It was two weeks old!" He looked unconcerned and told me it was delicious. When I told this to Jellie, she thought it was very funny, and also liked that he thought her baking delicious, even two weeks later.

He had another wallet incident on Friday. He came home from work early because he wanted to take me out to dinner, but realized when he got home that he had left his wallet at the office. He had changed his routine for packing up his stuff with dire consequences. I got ready in a hurry and we rushed back to the office, because he said we had to make it there before six o'clock, when the cleaning crew would be there (and possibly steal his wallet). We hurried to the office after parking the car, and he looked in the desk, not there, and around on the floor, not there. Then he saw it in the chair, and I could tell he had been very scared because of the relief he had after he found it. Afterwards we figured out that he had set his briefcase down on the chair in front of his desk, put a stack of papers on it, then his wallet on that. When he left, he grabbed the briefcase and paperstack and didn't see the wallet, which slid off onto the chair.

Today he has to go into the office until lunch, so I am enjoying the quiet and just puttering around.

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