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Cocktail Tidbits
5:29 p.m. - 2004-10-02

For a person who is not very comfortable in social situations, I have been getting out and about a lot lately. Last night we went to an after-work retirement party for one of the long-time librarians in the neighboring town. It was held at the same house the Christmas gathering for the same foundation is held, a gathering I have attended twice. This time it was in the daylight, and I was amazed at the beautiful view the homeowners have from their back patio. Their house is perched on a hill overlooking the valley. It is a plain-looking house from the street, but once you get into the interior, the view is wonderful and the house is full of Asian art. One of their grandparents was a well known politico in the Midwest, so there are souvenirs from all sorts of places. This makes it better than the average place for one of those mingle-around parties because there is always something interesting to look at and talk about.

I actually had an OK time and did some chatting of my own. I met this nice guy who heard that I had a lot of cookbooks and spent some time telling me all about the private library he built onto his house. I was envious. Then he told me all about gophers and king snakes and ground squirrels. He said he knows a lot about them because he is a builder and has a lot of hassle with endangered species law. I never did find out his name or who he worked for, but after the party my significant other told me he is a very well-known, influential person in the county, who doesn't like snakes.

The hostess is an avid quilter and took me into her sewing room to show how she has it arranged. I was envious. Her washer and dryer are in there too, and she actually has a drain in the floor in case the washer overflows. No, I do not covet the Asian art, but I sure would like to have a drain in my floor.

The food was pretty good - ham sandwiches, little puffs that looked like cream puff pastry but were little round croissants stuffed with various fillings, veggies and dip, little meatballs, and little bagette rounds with pesto, tomato and cheese.

I declare, I am getting to be a social butterfly. Tonight is Joel's birthday dinner and I made a lot of deviled eggs, though not as many as usual. I also cooked up a storm because I decided to call EG and invite them over for lunch tomorrow, just because I felt like it. I made pot roast which I will finish up tomorrow, and I will put the veggies in it tomorrow and make a salad. I think I will make peach cobbler too. It is nice how energetic I feel since I don't have to go to work on Monday.

I finished the left front of Abby's sweater and have about 4 inches done on the right front. While this was happening, I watched the movie, A Wedding For Bella, and though the editing was a might slow in parts, I liked it. It is a three tissue movie but has a happy end.

I better go record my Japanese shows.

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