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Red Sunset
12:24 p.m. - 2004-10-17

Back at work after vacation...bummer. At least I had a lot of work, and the week went by quickly. I even did a first map check all by myself as a "rush" job on Friday, and all went well.

I have amazed myself by liking the disaster movie Deep Impact, which I found at the library, so, after seeing an ad for "The Day After Tomorrow" I went out on my lunch hour and rented it. This movie is lame, almost beyond compare (but later in the week I watched The Island of Doctor Moreau, and that is even lamer). All I have to say is that, and I won't comment on the laughable non-science, if I was going out in weather that was due to drop two million degrees in a few minutes, I would wear a hat. Also saw Cheaper By The Dozen, and never have I wanted so much to slap so many kids. What is wrong with the Hollywood writers that they have to write dialog like that for kids? That whole family needed to be on restriction, including the slut oldest daughter. Well, enough said about that one. Then I watched "Hellboy", and really liked it. I got this movie because I felt like watching things blow up, and the video store guy said it would fill the bill. I may have to go read the comic!

Thursday night, he had to deliver some papers to those rich clients on the peninsula, so I went along for the ride. The ocean views were fabulous because there have been grass fires this week, and though the air is smoky, this made the setting sun an incredible red orange. Even San Quentin looked good in the red sunset. When we got there, instead of me just waiting in the car, they came out to the car and invited me into their $4-million-dollar house. I went out onto their upstairs patio overlooking the bay, and wow, I have never seen such a view! It looked out over the bay at sunset with the fog rolling in under the Golden Gate and the lights twinkling across the way in Sausalito. Their house was very interesting, perched on a hillside with that view and great artwork, and it is, surprise, surprise, not a showplace but a real home, as messy and lived in as ours. They were really nice people.

After chatting for a bit, we said goodbye and headed out to look for dinner. We ended up at a place in Mill Valley called Pasta Pomodoro, which is one of a chain I had never heard of before. It was really excellent, and the prices were great. I picked up a handout to see if they had any locations near us, and lo & behold, there is one right in the next town. How did I not know that? I see from the menu that they have butternut squash ravioli with fried sage leaves, one of my favorites, so we will have to look them up.

So this week I worked like a dog, got half the hood done on Abby's sweater, bought the Incredible Sweater Machine, which hasn't come yet, talked to millionaires, watched some dud movies, and one good one, and went to church. See, I could have summed up the week in only one paragraph.

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