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Fried Sage
8:25 a.m. - 2004-10-30

This morning when I was sorting through the papers on the table, a library receipt fell out. Holy cow, I had a lot of books due 4 days ago. I was fooled by the loss of this receipt, because I have been carefully checking the ones I had taped up on the cupboard doors and thought I was in the clear. Rats!

I had a meeting with my boss, who was beginning to wonder why I take so long with the map checks. She found out that, in effect, Vi had taught me to do the whole map check over again instead of just working off the previous memo of things that were wrong with the map (and checking them off to see if they were done). So my boss gave me the quick and dirty way of doing it, which cheered my life up considerably and speeded up the map checks. My days of pouring over fine print on the maps is mostly over! I had so many rushes this week my head was spinning, and every file I worked on had at least one exception of over 150 pages. When your printer only does 5 pages a minute, you can see how this would eat up time, in the most boring way possible. Friday I thought I would do one last file in the last hour before going home, and lo, it had an exception with 356 pages. I hear through the grapevine, though, that next week the other offices, who use me to print off their exceptions, are going to have the boom lowered on them, and they will be told to print their own.

On Jason night, Jellie brought her telescope because, she told me, there was going to be an eclipse of the moon. I had not heard of it, but Jason, Jellie and I got in the car and drove to a nearby street with a lovely view of the moon, set up the telescope, and watched the eclipse. It was beautiful and amusing, watching Jason try to take a picture of the eclipse with his digital camera, resulting in a blue field with many little dots. Jane did not go with us because she had to leave to visit her ailing sister, and Joel was still eating dinner and not astronomically inclined.

I have spent the odd moments of the week working on the drafting of a knitting pattern, only to see last night that I forgot to factor in the sleeve increases, so will have to start over today. I am going to lay the pattern out on the table and do it right this time.

The odd thing that happened this week was that I went to the used book store, went through all the cookbooks of the zillions that they have, picked one out and bought it. I drove back to work, sat in the car in the parking lot to look at the book better, and a flyer fell out of the book with a name and address on it, showing me that the book used to belong to Vi, who sits right next to me at work! She says she sold some books back to the store over a year ago, but how odd that I would choose that very one.

I must confess that I let the side down and turned on the heater prior to the November 1 date set into posterity by my frugal mother. We could have had icicles hanging from our brows and she still wouldn't light the heaters until November 1. But the shock of hot AC days followed by rain and chilly temps was too much for my not-so-spartan soul.

Less than two months until Christmas. I talked Jason into having Thanksgiving on Friday again, so we are discussing a potluck affair so that he does not have to lift a finger. We are lucky to have brothers who like frying, BBQing or other autre methods of turkey cooking. I never eat the brother-done turkey, which tends to the pink, rare meat near the bone. Luckily, at Thanksgiving, you can pile so much food on your plate that no one notices. No one has ever gotten sick though, so it must be just me, who, having studied much food science and food chemistry, has too much information resulting in a bit of food phobia.

I was supposed to meet him at Pasta Pomodoro last night at 5:00, but I got there rather early, not wanting to go home and then start right out again. Rather than walking around and killing time, I went in and got a table and started ordering stuff just for the fun of it. I got the tortellini soup, which is really good, and the caprese salad, with tomatoes, mozzarella, olives, basil and dried tomatoes. I was just finishing up when he arrived and ordered his dinner. I then got the ravioli zucca, in an appetizer portion, which was also excellent. I don't understand how just frying sage leaves makes them so good, but good they are.

And that was my week.

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