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8:30 a.m. - 2004-10-31

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day trying to rectify the calculations on two sweaters, my T-Top with kimono sleeves, and Abby's short-sleeved raglan (Berroco Book 207, Sylvia). Finally, I found a solution that involved me having some computer skills (I know, scary). I loaded a program from the Sweater Wizard folks called Print-A-Grid and printed out graph paper for the original gauge and for the 7 st/inch gauge I wanted to change it to. I printed in half scale so I made 14/18 paper and 9/11 paper. I drew the original instructions out in the original gauge, cut out the pattern piece, put this on top of the smaller gauge graph paper, and drew around it. Then I neatened up the lines and figured out where the decreases etc were. Much faster and it worked! I really like that Print-A-Grid, which I bought last spring at Stitches but did not install until now.

I made rolls yesterday, but discovered that the knitting machine sound makes it impossible to hear the timer, so they are a little brown, but still edible. I made a loaf of bread, which came out fine. He asked me to make him some cookies so I am going to try out a recipe from Have Your Cake And Eat It Too for oatmeal cookies. Other that that, I did a mountain of laundry, most of which still needs to be put away.

There are some cold artichokes in the fridge so I think I will have some for breakfast.

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