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A New And Better Day
5:28 p.m. - 2004-11-05

What a great week! I worked hard at work, so the days went quickly, and started on a sweater for Abby on the old knitting machine. It is a particularly pretty shade of blue, not at all baby-ish, and I am glad to be working on it. I even enjoyed all the moaning and groaning going on in certain quarters. Overheard some in the thrift shop this lunchtime as several ladies talked about how they actually cried on Wednesday. Read some articles from New York and other places and found out that us regular folk (even though college educated) are all stupid and unsophisticated, not like the cultural elite in New York and the blue states. Said we don't really understand the issues, we are just bigots, homophobes, racists, and above all, idiots. Found out they call us the "WalMart voters". Love it! Loser's lament! Besides, yarn is good at the WalMart.

So I am in a whirl of design and creation. I have several sweater designs to finish up and want to start knitting one for myself and one for Melissa, in addition to the two for Abby I am working on. I love having machines to do most of the work. Yes indeedy, I love my knitting machines. I should also make more baby sweaters since I gave away the two Wallaby pullovers.

Tomorrow I am going into the office with him to xerox my instruction manual for the bulky machine so that if it goes walkabout again I will have a copy. Those nice ladies in Minnesota, though it is a blue state and they are not bigots and homophobes and idiots like I am supposed to be, came through in record time with a replacement copy for the one that disappeared. I am now back in the bulky business. Every machine is different, so must have the manual.

Jellie and I watched Lost again on Wednesday. It was pretty cold in Jason's back room, and so I mentioned to El Beano that they were watching it in the living room on the big screen, but she said that they keep switching to the sport channel (as men are prone to do) and the switching around annoys her. At least they have figured out how to work the remote, which some men, who shall remain nameless in spite of the fact that I married one, can't seem to manage.

Time to think of something to cook for dinner.

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