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Red Orange
5:16 p.m. - 2004-11-10

This would be one of the prettiest California falls I have seen, if only the sun would come out. The rain mostly missed us last night, but it is still cold and drizzly. Those flame red leaves in the work parking lot are starting to fall, all mixed gold, crimson and red orange. For an unpleasant place of toil, my work building is unusually nice looking, with landscaped areas and a stream and bridges, and a nice view of the summer amusement park across the road.

I am almost through knitting the blue sweater for Abby. It was different from the usual sweater, with interior darts and double decreases on the raglans, but on the other hand, it is going fast on the machine even at 7 sts per inch. I also started the green sweater for myself, doing the ribbing before I hang it on the bulky machine. I am trying to decide what style to make. It will be a set-in-sleeve cardigan with V neck, but I may do a lace panel up the fronts or something else interesting. I have some old Brother knitting machine stitch pattern books with charted stitches, so I used some of the lace patterns to draw up a few dozen charts of lace panels. When I want to use them, I just tack one up on the tension rod and follow it row by row.

He has another seminar to give tonight so he won't be home until later, so I will stay at Jason's and watch Lost with El Beano. Maybe something a little more exciting than sitting around and moaning and groaning will happen on the show tonight. What happened to the monster? Time for some serious character chomping.

I was cheerfully driving home from work yesterday when a news report came on the radio about a huge blast in the neighboring town that killed several workers. I thought the newsreader meant city workers, of which my youngest brother is one, so this was shocking. I rushed home and called his house, and thankfully he was there. He said it was a construction site where a backhoe hit a gasoline line, right behind the highschool. "His" park, the one assigned to him, is right next to the site, but he was called to another site that day. He did however, park at his park, so had a heck of a time getting to his car so he could go pick up his daughter at school. He said he was getting lots of calls from people checking to see if he was alive. What a mess that was, those poor workers.

I am now doing the Definition tapes from Joyce Vedral, and I am liking them. Well, not the first week when I thought my arms would fall off, but now that I am more used to it, it doesn't take long and seems to be working. I had to take my weights down a few notches, but I am inching back up to the big time weights (5,8 & 10 lb). I like being strong, and JV's method does not give you Arnold type muscles, just makes you sleek and strong, or will after awhile, I hope.

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