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It's All In The Freezer
1:46 p.m. - 2004-11-20

You know, a person gets tired of using inexpensive yarn all the time, even though it works well and wears like iron, so I branched out a little and got a more upscale cheapy yarn. I am making a top out of TLC Amore, and I am liking this yarn. Melissa wanted the Celery color, so I am making the little raglan top out of that. I have the back done, and would even now be racing through the front except that I cast on 79 stitches instead of the required 89, then went ahead and made the ribbing only to have to rip it out. This pattern has cute little cap sleeves and a close fit, which means that they had to design the raglan decreases in a shorter length, hence, double decreases at the armhole. Now nothing wrong with that, except that I get to knitting while listening to the book-on-tape, and when I remember to pay attention about 10 rows later I realize that I put in single decreases by reflex, leading to ripping or fudging. The yarn is a mite loopy, so it hides the larger gauge and has a nice soft drape. Plus, it knits up splendidly on the machine. I may get another of the lovely colors it comes in to make a top for myself (but more loose fitting, as befits an "old" lady such as myself).

He was off on a business trip to LA, but called me from his hotel on Thursday night to complain about Survivor. He has taken a dislike to the Amy contestant, a common reaction, and does not like the way the women are voting off all the men. Not too many likeable people on the show this time. This TV season there are three shows I am enjoying: Survivor, sort of, Amazing Race, which looks to be excellent, and Lost, which is odd but interesting. I like having something to look forward to after a day at the office.

Today I am making a pot roast of pork, just because I am sick of turkey already and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. I went to Costco today and bought a cranberry/apple cobbler and a chocolate mocha cake, both now residing in the freezer, saying silently to me "you will be knitting instead of cooking on Thanksgiving". The cake is a Just Desserts cake and looks very delicious except that it fell over in the car and the rosettes are smooshed, but I will just take it out of the container , smooth the frosting out and put it in my tupperware container, as if I baked it. I also got giant cans of green beans for the obligatory casserole.

The ladies at work were telling me that the after-Thanksgiving sandwich is very good with stuffing in it, something I have never tried. I remember a plot line on Friends about this kind of sandwich. I will have to give it a try this year. I already went out and bought squishy bread for him to have his sandwich on because homemade bread is just not the same.

Today is sunny, finally. I was driving around doing my errands and enjoying the fall color. Even the mailman was cheerful when I was out sweeping the leaves off the front walk. No word from C & S about Thanksgiving yet. If you want people to bring stuff, you should tell them ahead of time. Well, I am covered for the dessert, and have plenty of green beans and mushroom soup, so who cares? I invited the EGs over for lunch after church tomorrow, but they are going to go visit the famous Anna Mae. This is excellent, because I invited and get brownie points for being a good daughter-in-law, but they turned me down, so I don't have to do any of the work! I just told EG that I would just keep the corned beef in the freezer, and she sighed a little, so I know she will be missing the corned beef. That is a real meat-and-potatoes woman.

My pork is smelling terrific, so I better go stir it and whip up some applesauce cake.

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