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Thanksgiving Week
11:41 a.m. - 2004-11-22

Only three days of work this week, bow down and give thanks! Today I am doing color book work, making some color-coded easement maps with my handy dandy markers. We have been out of the binder prong things for several weeks now, and I have a rush order for 4 binders I cannot make without them. I think the boss ordered some office supplies but the order got lost somewhere, but still, how lame is that for a huge nationwide company to have the employees scrounging in all the drawers and such for supplies that aren't there.

I did, however, get a holiday bonus, which is a $25 gift certificate to a local grocery store. I still have the one they gave me last year, so have $50 of free money in my purse to spend. Maybe I should go to that store and see if there are knitting mags on the magazine rack.

I only have to make rolls for one side of the family this year, and green bean casserole for the other. Then I have to drive way out to hell and gone to the far away place the relatives moved to, but anything beats having to clean up my own house, so the EG's will carpool with us. My niece and her husband, who got married only last year, will be down from Seattle for the holiday, so I will get to talk to her husband a little. He is artistic, so it should be interesting. Unless a golf ball flies through the windown and hits us. I would never live right on the golf course, because that is the sort of thing that happens, and C & S have already replaced their big picture window even though they haven't even lived there two years yet.

I finished the celery sweater, and it looks very good when I spread it out on the bed, but when I put it on, it makes me want to go do my exercises. But it is not for me, so that is good. Now I am going to work on the kelly green cardigan for me, and the hot pink T-top for me. And to sew together Abby's cabled cardigan, which I have been putting off for reasons unknown.

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