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Christmas Shopping
12:38 p.m. - 2004-12-04

Well, I have off Monday and Tuesday, and every time a vacation comes up, the office tries to kill me before I go. I was sitting at my computer trying to finish the namerun when the Big Lady Boss came up with my boss and said "Good Morning, Cindy!" I wasn't really paying attention, the namerun being what it is, but I turned slightly to say good morning and only got about half of it out before I stopped, because their faces looked ominous and guilty, a bad combo. I said "What!??" in a highly suspicious manner, which made them laugh. They said that Visible Thong Girl had called in sick, and since she has Monday off, that makes one wonder (well, the bosses didn't say that, but I thought it) so I would have to work the Lender's desk. Not as bad as the recording desk, but still, I have never ever done it before. Even Carol was out, and she usually works lenders. Good thing that a while ago I had given Carol a manual I wrote on the Recording Desk, and she had given me the one she wrote about Lender's. When Jennie came in to work Rec. Desk, I gave her the bad news. We made plans to ditch work and hide out, but we were only kidding. What a day! Actually, I don't think Lender's would be too bad if your computer doesn't have a nervous breakdown in the afternoon and hold you up for an hour. But we survived, and I don't have to go back until Wednesday.

Our plan for the weekend was to get as much Christmas shopping done as we could. Sears was having a sale that started at 7:00 am, so we managed to get there about 8:00. What a good sale! Most stuff was 50% off with an additional 10% before 11:00. Now I feel much better about Christmas rushing up on me. Also, last Wednesday Jellie and I did the names for 2005, so I don't even have that looming over me either.

This coming week will be very social. His birthday is Tuesday, but he has a night function to go to, so we will have his birthday later in the week. EG's birthday is Thursday so we will take a cake over to their place (and record Survivor, I hope) since Grandpa does not like going out in this bitter cold in the evenings. Then on Saturday we have a birthday restaurant luncheon for EG at the Claim Jumper, not my favorite restaurant, but a steak is a steak. Then we go to the airport to pick up Abby!

After we did all the shopping this morning, we went out to breakfast. I had a large milk, then the waitress asked if I wanted a refill, and thinking it was free, I said yes. I discovered that downing two extremely large milks at one meal can lead to discomfort. There are never enough hash browns, though.

This weekend I have a plan. I am going to knit on a red sweater for Auntie M, get the girls' room ready, and spiff up the living room. Right now I am finishing up the pattern for my T-top in a larger gauge, and doing laundry. I was wondering what to wear to the Library Foundation Christmas party on Wednesday, but while we were shopping at the Wonderful Sale, I found a nice red blouse that actually fit well, so we got it in three colors. In addition, I got a lovely cornmeal yellow sweater (which made me feel guilty about the cornmeal sweater I was knitting that is languishing unfinished in the sewing room), and several long sleeved tops. Holy Cow, I bought some clothes! So I have accomplished a lot today and still have half my Saturday left!

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