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7:24 a.m. - 2004-12-11

I am trying something new on the sweater for Auntie M. I am putting a lace panel up the cardigan fronts (done that before) but I am putting cables on either side, all done on the machine. I have had trouble trying cables in the past, they involve crossed stitches pulling the needles this way and that, but I decided to actually, ahem, read the directions in the manual, and presto, successful cables. This opens up many possibilites for me, cables being a favorite of mine. But first I have to finish this sweater. I have the back and sleeves done and more than half of one front.

I did go into San Leandro on Tuesday and see the knitting machine lady. I bought the LK150, but haven't gotten it out of the box yet because I am working on the above mentioned sweater. I was a little worried about the shop because so many knitting machine related businesses have bitten the dust, but the lady said business is terrific. She has been clever and has changed half the shop over to hand knitting, which enables her to steer them into the machine world. I got some booklets and coned yarn, weights and ravel cord. A fun trip. The machine did not come with a carry case, but the lady told me that most owners put it in a double shotgun case. I may soon find myself in a gun shop, a first for me. I'll have to wait awhile though because after that little trip I have no more birthday, mad, Christmas, or any other kind of money.

This has been a busy week. We went to a party on Wednesday night, and then went over to celebrate EG's 80th birthday on Thursday night. She looks terrific, and so I told her. We gave her gift certificates to her favorite restaurants.

Today we go to EG's birthday luncheon, then on to the airport to pick up Abby. We put the covers on the couches last night, and though they don't look as crisp as they show in the instructions, it looks a heck of a lot better than holes in the couch and a sheet thrown over to keep your knitting needles from falling in the cracks. It is not as easy to put on a slipcover as you would imagine from watching Trading Spaces. Matter of fact, it is darned hard. But the covers are soft and lovely. Now I have to make cushions.

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