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Merry (cough) Christmas
12:15 p.m. - 2004-12-25

It is Christmas Day, and I have the plague. Really, only a bad cold, but since the Christmas dinner is being held at the in-laws, no sense killing them off, so I have to miss it. I already have my Christmas dinner planned, since when you are sick, certain thing do not appeal and strange things do. My wonderful husband went out on Christmas morning and bought me a can of Spam, because the vision of fried Spam dances in my head. I am going to make egg-in-toast and fried Spam, and a good time will be had by all. They will, of course, get the full Christmas dinner with homemade rolls and chocolate mocha cake.

It was a "double your pleasure" Christmas, with almost everyone getting duplicates. I got two Swiffer Wet Jets, he got two of the same book, and Abby got two of the same book. The hostilities during the gift opening last night at my dad's were only moderate (the kids wad up the wrapping paper and try to bean their cousins) since I found a seat out of the line of fire. I got several nifty knitting books, Knitting On The Edge (excellent!!), one about felted bags, and The Knit Stitch. Auntie M was very pleased with the sweater I made for her, and had this anecdote to tell me: She was in the grocery store wearing the fairisle I made her several years ago when an English women standing behind her asked her if she made her sweater. No, she says, my sister made it for me. Well, says the woman, very good technique! A compliment by proxy!

So what shall I do while they are off scarfing down a lovely Christmas dinner? I think I will knit on the knitting machine because I notice less that I am coughing my guts out if I keep active. Abby tells me that she read a scientific report stating that chocolate has a better cough inhibiting effect than codeine. I can accommodate that! I immediately gobbled up several pieces of Christmas candy to see if it works.

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