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Christmas Aftermath
5:31 p.m. - 2005-01-07

So much to do over Christmas that I did not make many entries. I have been very tired too, getting over this cold and staying up too late to watch my favorite TV shows. Been sleeping better the last two days because Abby finished the beeeoootiful quilt she was making for our bed. Our old bedspread was solid blue and had over the years lost all its quilting. The batt in it must be of unequaled excellence because it never wadded up even with the quilting gone and many many trips into the washing machine. Abby pieced together the decorator fabric samples and we bought some wine-colored flannel for backing. We used the old bedspread with its champion batt for the filling. Now it is gorgeous and so heavy that you can barely move under it, which, luckily enough, is how he and I both like the covers to be. I like to stand in the doorway of the bedroom just to gaze at the wonder of it all. Almost makes me want to clean up the bedroom.

Abby left for college today but Melissa will be here for another week. We are still without a washing machine, but the fixer man is coming next week and will probably give me an affadavit of death for the old machine. I have already researched new machines, for which I actually have the money, Melissa's doctor appointment having cost ten times less than I thought it would. So I have to wait for the man to tell me the machine is dead, then wait for a new one to be delivered, so maybe two more weeks. My spouse has a method to get us through the hard time: he takes all the laundry down to the big laundromat and uses multiple machines, runs it all at once, and is home in 40 minutes at the crack of dawn on Saturday. I am grateful because I have been spending about 6 hours of my weekends at my dad's using his machine. I just want to have some weekend left to knit.

I am trying out my new T-Top pattern in a lovely color called Butterscotch, but I can tell that I don't have enough yarn. The yarn stocks in all the stores here are very low, as if the new interest in knitting caught them all by surprise. For months and months everyone was out of knitting needles, but that situation is better now (didn't affect me much because I have more needles that any human needs). I will just have to wait until some new shipments come in, maybe put the yellow sweater aside and start the purple one, or the red fiesta one, or the blue one, or the cream one....

Melissa has been making these cute hats that are cabled but have a visor like a baseball cap. The pattern, from the book, "Stitch and Bitch Nation", is fabulously cute. She made one out of a great color of burnt orange, TLC yarn. I loved the color and wanted to run right out and get enough for a sweater but of course, she got the last skein in the store. Beverly's is supposed to get a shipment soon, so the scuttlebutt goes, but haven't seen anything yet.

Tomorrow we might go for a drive. I haven't been out and about for a long time, and even if it is raining, it should be fun. There is an ephemera show in Sacramento he wants to go to, sort of like a book sale but for pamphlets and bits of paper and stuff like that. I like it for the cookbooklets and knitting pamphlets, not that they always have them, but there is hope. Then we can go out to dinner and be home to watch the Japanese shows. Maybe hit a yarn shop or two.

Spring is coming (someday) so time to plant the bulbs EG gave me for my birthday and order my seeds. I have planted things in my yard that I just love, like lilacs, old roses, freesias, and California poppies. One year I had a lovely display under the apricot trees out front: tulips of various shades of red and hot pink, sweet william, and gladiolas later. Got to get back into action and plant more stuff! The almond trees bloom in February usually, but last year in late January. I love spring.

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