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Job Security
7:29 p.m. - 2005-01-13

Things are looking bad at the office. I think they will gradually get rid of all of us, but who knows, maybe I can hang on awhile and earn some more bucks. No one has talked to me about anything yet. Today I was imagining being laid off, and thinking of actually having two weeks or so (while looking for another position elsewhere) or even longer, just resting and knitting, and I feel like being the gung ho kid in class who waves his arm and calls "Pick me! Pick me!" I am so tired, and tired of working. But I am an excellent worker, and very cheap for them, so I am probably doomed to stay on.

Today they axed Rob and Ned, the contract workers, but we had a nice feed to say goodbye, including deviled eggs. The lady of the golden years who I work with finally went to the doctor yesterday, and ended up in the hospital undergoing tests. She should have gone to the doctor years ago, but they think she will be OK once they get her on the right meds. Then, maybe she won't complain about her health all the time and moan and groan around the office. I have no patience with people who are stupid about their health. She hadn't been to a doctor in 6 or 7 years! And she had congestive heart failure! She is not a poor woman, so that's no excuse. We were all scared she would die in her cubicle so the bosses had a talk with her and suggested the doctor, I think.

The fixer man came today. Amazingly enough, it was a minor switch, so the old machine is not dead after all and we are back in the laundry business! This was the best case scenario, which doesn't happen often. I was already mentally shopping for new machines.

In other news, Amanda came up from San Jose to see Jason on Wednesday. She is looking pretty good. They came over this afternoon to chat with Melissa before she goes back to Texas tomorrow. Melissa has packed up a big box of stuff and they are down at the Kinkos sending it to Texas by Fed Express. So when she leaves tomorrow, Christmas will be officially over and we can start shoveling ourselves out. But first I am going to sleep, starting right now.....

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