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Three-Day Weekend
9:38 a.m. - 2005-01-16

He is off to the office, and I am thinking about what to do on this second day of a three-day weekend. I am knitting a sweater that is too big to fit on the machine, widthwise, so I am figuring out ways to knit it up. The back is easy because I just knit the ribbing by hand then split the back in half, adding seam stitches. A seam up the back looks OK and is nearly invisible the way I do it anyway. The front is another story, and on this one, in a colorway called Monet, which is beautiful on its own, I didn't want too fussy a pattern up the front. I had to have some sort of pattern to disguise the seaming. I ended up doing a very simple cable panel with wide spaces between the narrow cables. I have both sides done and am halfway up the center front. I want to hurry and finish the knitting because I have three videos to watch, and can do the finishing while I watch.

We had Evan's birthday dinner last night. He had Mexican boiled beef, which involved many calls from Jason to me for advice, but turned out fabulously delicious. I made a trip to the Costco for Jason and got those packs of packaged guacamole sealed in the plastic bags. It looked like the sort of thing we could doctor up. At the party, I opened the bags (the equivalent of 30 avocados) and Debbie came over to add the seasonings. She is very good at this. She added a little cumin, which I had never thought of, and some of those seasoning packets of Jason's, and we threw in a lot of salsa, and presto, not bad! On another of the recent birthdays, I got Debbie to mix up the coleslaw, and that was excellent too. No sense letting the sisters-in-law just sit there feeling left out - put them to work!

The menu was the tasty broth with big meat chunks in it, Mexican brown rice, beans, tortillas, and guacamole. My spouse still, after all these years, has "interesting" reactions to Mexican food, sometimes not knowing how it works. This time, he made up his bowl of soup, spooning the broth and meat over a mound of rice, adding beans, then, because there was a bowl of potato chips on the table, taking a big handful of the chips and sprinkling it over the bowl of food. He ate it all so it couldn't have been too bad. Dessert was peach cobbler and ice cream.

Eric, who was laid off from Sony, has another job already in Fremont, doing the same kind of hi-tech work. He has a new clean-cut yuppie kind of haircut, which I was looking at from across the room. Will take some getting used to.
Lauren is now a Senior. She was telling me tales from the Catholic girls' high school she goes to, and Nathan was amazingly taller, Alex was there with Mary (who has graduated and has a new job already, but I don't remember where, someplace ecological in Berkeley), and Jellie was in fine form. That's all the news, I think. I was too busy working really.

I took over Napolean Dynamite and was met with many excited exclamations. They all watched it and laughed their heads off while my spouse snoozed in the big chair and I was the only one in the kitchen doing all the dishes and cleanup. Oh well, my fault for bringing the movie.

Now that the washer is back in working order, I have tons of wash to do, so better get at it.

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